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Biomedical development platform -- Taizhou aishente Technology Co., Ltd

Taizhou aishente Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to key technology innovation in biomedicine, chemistry and chemical industry. At present, the team includes 6 professors and more than 30 doctors and masters. The company has been selected as the leader of the "500 Elite Program" and will receive the angel fund of 10000 yuan.


Key development projects:

Ø  Benfulin project: it has reached the strategic cooperation intention with a pharmaceutical enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and has entered the substantive stage of technical exchange and business negotiation; The company's own technology can reduce the cost by more than 20-30%. A pharmaceutical enterprise with cooperation intention plans to reach the production scale of 100 tons within this year.

Ø  Montelukast project: the amount of catalyst used in the coupling step is greatly reduced (from 1-2% to 0.05-0.1%), and the cost is reduced by 20-25%; In the asymmetric hydrogenation step, the cost of catalyst can be neglected and the cost can be reduced by 10%; The total cost is reduced by 30-35%; It can reduce the production of wastewater and the risk of protein residue in the product.



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