Core competitiveness

Professor Zhang Xumu, the team leader of our company, is from the same school as the Nobel Prize winner. Professor Zhang has been deeply engaged in chiral asymmetry technology for 30 years, and the technology he developed and mastered belongs to the fourth and fifth generation technology which is the most advanced in the world. Before 2008, there were no more than 10 commercial projects using asymmetric hydrogenation technology. With the rapid development of nearly 10 years, more than 20 asymmetric hydrogenation products have been commercialized in his first start-up company by using Professor Zhang's early generation 4 technology. In the past five years, Professor Zhang has developed a new generation of tridentate ligands and catalysts, and further developed the fifth generation of chiral catalysis technology. The catalysts can reach millions of conversions. The original intention and purpose of the company is to develop high efficiency, high selectivity, atomic economy, and high quality, economic, environment-friendly original catalytic reaction and synthesis strategy, and effectively apply to the green synthesis of drugs and other fine chemical products, reduce the production of three wastes, and protect the ecological environment. This purpose will become an important feature and long-term direction of the company.

At present, Professor Zhang Xumu's asymmetric hydrogenation technology has leading technical advantages in China and even in the world:

A.Highly efficient new chiral catalysts with independent intellectual property rights;

B.Experience in successful industrialization of major chiral drugs;

C.There are a large number of small test technology reserves to be enlarged。

D. The newly developed tridentate ligand belongs to the fifth generation technology, and its technical index and application effect are higher than those of the previous generation。

Compared with chiral resolution, asymmetric hydrogenation can reduce the cost by 30-50%; Through the precise catalytic technology developed by our company, the chemical process can further reduce the cost by 10-20%; Compared with the European and American markets, China's labor cost is also lower. To sum up, the total cost can be reduced by 40-70% with the development of new technology.

As of March 2021, the company has authorized and applied for 33 patents。

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